Antifa Blames the RUSSIANS for Their November 4th FLOP!

Yesterday was Antifa’s big “Day of Rage.”

Everyone was anticipating anarchy, but in reality, it was a flop.

Antifa blames the Russians, but in reality, the real reason nobody showed up is because nobody agrees with their violent, hateful message.

Americans are happy with our president, and don’t want left-wing Communist thugs trying to overthrow the leader we chose.


More stories about the low IQ (citation needed) ???

LOL: Check Out Antifa’s WAR on ‘NAZI’ TRASH CANS

The Antifa “revolution” was an absolute bust.

However, the anti-American, left-wing terror group did manage to get out their frustrations out on those evil “Nazi” trash cans!

As it turns out, Antifa isn’t anti-fash, they’re anti-TRASH!


Without money for busses and salaries for the “rioters” (low IQ criminals), no “protest” ..


PHOTOS Shows Embarrassingly Low Turnout for Antifa’s Austin ‘Revolution’

November 4th was SUPPOSED to be the big kick-off day for Democrat terror group Antifa’s revolution to remove President Trump from the White House.

The group has said they won’t stop demonstrating and rioting until Trump and Pence are forcibly removed from office.

This may take a lot longer than they thought if the Austin rally is any indication of their “force.”


Trump Supporters TAKE OVER Antifa’s Nov 4th ‘Revolution’

The big “revolution” that was supposed to start today to remove President Trump from the White House was a spectacular FLOP.

The Democrat terror group Antifa sponsored the “revolution,” which was supposed to overtake 22 American cities.

That never happened, it was a humiliating failure.

But amazing women Trump supporters came out in support of President Trump, anyway, and they sure looked happy!



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