The sexual perversities of Saudi Muslims, the West does not know about

In the Saudi society, women are treated like commodities and disposable containers. Different kinds of legal opportunities have been provided for Saudi men to exploit women in the name of Islam throughout the world.

Saudi scholars have issued many Fatawas to allow several kinds of deceptive and fake marriages to use women as sex slaves for as long as they wish. We are providing below some details in this regard.


Misyar is a temporary marriage between men and women for sexual pleasure. In this marriage the woman relinquishes all her rights that are available to her in an Islamic marriage.

It is claimed that 60 Salafi scholars, including Saudi Grand Mufti Shaikh Abdulaziz al-Shaikh endorsed Misyar marriage between men and women in their fatawas.

The terms and conditions of Sunni Misyar and Shia practice of Mutah (sexual pleasure ) are the same except that in Misyar, partners do not fix a time to end their sexual relationship and are free to abandon each other anytime they wish.

In Mutah, they fix a specific time, like one week, one month etc., and at the end of that period both man and woman are considered as legally separated.

In Misyar and Mutah, man and woman need not live together under the same roof. They can meet whenever the man demands and spend a few hours together in privacy for sex and go to their homes quietly.

Misyar is a relationship without social binding or loyalty. The woman in this relationship is just a sexual mate and not a prostitute who entertains sex with anybody for money.

Whenever you want, call each other, meet, have sex and both of you are on your ways.

If you’re fed up with the woman, just call her and tell her that you don’t want to continue having sex with her. That’s the end of your relationship.

‘Arab News’ on October 12, 2014 reported that Misyar is a widespread social reality in the Saudi Salafi society, as 7 out of 10 marriages in Saudi Arabia are based on Misyar.

The above are official figures. It is a known fact that majority of Misyar marriages are not reported for obvious reasons. Saudi men are also involved in Misyar marriages with poor expatriate Muslim women and girls.

These appalling statistics show that about 90% of Saudi Women are being forced into Government sponsored prostitution in the name of Misyar marriages.

The women in Misyar marriages are reported to have sex with dozens of Saudi men one after the other. Most of these Saudis do have families but they are involved in secret sex with plenty of women in the name of Misyar. It is Islamic sex on demand or secret prostitution.

In addition to Misyar, several other modes of fake marriages are practiced in Saudi Arabia, as follows:

a. URFA – In this relationship, arrangements are made as a customary marriage but there are no official contracts signed and this relationship also does not give women any rights whatsoever.

She is kept as long as the man wishes to use her for sex.

b. MESYAF (Summer holiday marriage) – It is a tourism marriage practiced by Saudis and other Salafis in the world who go on summer vacation to countries, like Yemen, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Islamic countries.

In these countries they take advantage of poor Muslim families by Misyar marriages with young, rather very young girls between the ages of 9 to 16 years in collusion with local middlemen and agents who are paid for these notorious services.

There are two types of fake marriages in MESYAF.

  1. The woman / girl is made aware that the fake marriage is done for a short time for the Saudi to have sex with her. In this case, she bargains and gets paid an agreed amount in advance.

  2. The woman / girl and her parents are not made aware about the intentions of Saudis. Poor parents and the young girl consider that it is a regular Islamic marriage and that after marriage she will go to Saudi Arabia with her husband. These fake marriages are also done with the knowledge and collusion of middlemen and agents.In these deceptive marriages, men from Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf countries spend 15 days to one month with these poor hapless young girls in hotels. At the end of their vacation, Saudis disappear in thin air leaving behind the devastated young girl and her parents. There are hundreds of thousands of young Muslim girls who have become victim to this Saudi practice. These girls later get involved in prostitution in these countries.

c. FRIEND MARRIAGE – This is a special marriage where the bride does not go out of her house. The male goes to her house in the night or meets with her in a hotel and has sex with her, after which she goes back to her home.

In this relationship the woman does not have any legal maintenance from the man. In most of the cases the woman demands a certain amount and gets it in advance.

d. MISFAR – (Foreign study and business trip marriage) Misfar refers to a deceptive marriage contracted by a Saudi for sexual gratification so that a woman may cohabit with him for the period he is visiting a foreign country.

These women are formally divorced after a short period that ranges from a week to a month. It is natural that most of these women who fall victim to this kind of fake marriage come from deprived backgrounds, and have very little say in the matter.

Misfar is a deceptive marriage undertaken by Saudis who go to study in foreign countries. In Misfar, Saudis marry local women but never disclose their true intentions.



Misfar marriage just a ploy

As far as these women and their parents are concerned, misfar marriage is a just another way to go around the religious prohibition on sexual relationships outside marriage.

Khaled Al-Sulaiman
Okaz newspaper

Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, described the misfar marriage (a marriage relationship concluded during one’s travel abroad) as something that has its advantages and quick benefits. He said such marriages, however, do not fulfill the basic goals of the institution and will not lead to building a stable family that is the cornerstone of a coherent society.

Many people who I know seek such relationships in countries where they spend their vacation. They convince themselves that by entering into such marriage contracts they can escape from their conscience that bites them when fulfilling their carnal desires through illegal means.

They know that their temporary legal wife was the wife of another man and perhaps still is, and would become the wife of yet another later. She is just a commodity for sale. They are also aware that such women are like real estate that does not bring a lucrative income except when the brokers increase its value by repeatedly changing hands.

A friend who had experienced misfar marriage told me about his young wife’s blunt reply when he informed her of his intention to divorce her at the end of his vacation. She told him that she was relieved to hear the news because this marriage was just a source of income as far as she and her poor family were concerned.

Whenever a man divorces his misfar wife, the woman would be in a haste to complete her iddat (the waiting period prescribed by the Shariah before a divorcee could legally enter into another marriage relationship) because she is eager to get her dowry from the next marriage.

Yet some of these young women do not even complete the iddat period.

As far as these women and their parents are concerned, misfar marriage is a just another way to go around the religious prohibition on sexual relationships outside marriage.

Some men fall in this trap thinking that these women are permissible to them when in fact they are victims of a ploy in the flesh market to attract all segments of customers.



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