Audio of RINO Mich. Repub. Leader Matt Hall’s Domestic Violence Released, Colleagues Demand Resignation

House Oversight Committee chair Matt Hall, on Dec. 2, 2020. Hall oversaw the disastrous committee hearing trying to investigate 2020 voter fraud in Michigan.
Published January 25, 2024

Michigan Republican Leader Matt Hall has been caught lying to the media and his colleagues about police reports from 2019 where he was caught committing domestic violence, interfering in a 911 phone call, and possibly kidnapping while he was frantically speeding down the highway en route to place cash bets at a casino. Hall’s excuse was that his crazy girlfriend was having a ‘mental episode’ and he was courageously trying to help her work through it.

Hall’s colleagues privately worry to the Gateway Pundit that these incidents, and many other rumored incidents like it including other serious accusations of assault, were used to compromise Hall’s investigation of the 2020 voter fraud in Michigan. Hall as Chair of the House Oversight Committee sent out subpoenas in December 2020 to investigate voter fraud across Michigan. The evidence collected was never reviewed, it was parked with an outside law firm, Warner Norcross, and never reviewed. Hall was the lynchpin in covering up the evidence collected of the 2020 voter fraud in Michigan.

In police reports and now in released audio recordings, you can tell that Hall’s entire explanation about this incident was a lie designed to protect the RINO leader of the Michigan Republicans at a critical time when control of the State House hinges on one vote. Hall has fought to keep these facts about his prior record secret to protect his political career.


Girlfriend: Just take me home. Take me back home. You’re not going to talk to me like that again.
Rep. Hall: I don’t have time to take you back home.
Girlfriend: I don’t care. Maybe you shouldn’t gamble so much. You’re not going to tell me to fuck off… and to shut the fuck up. Thank you.
Rep. Hall: [Unintelligible]
Girlfriend: Well guess what you’re going to take me home.
Rep. Hall: I don’t have time. I don’t have time. I don’t have time.
Girlfriend: You should go to …
Rep. Hall: I don’t have time.
Girlfriend: Maybe you shouldn’t gamble.
Rep. Hall: I don’t. Stop. Stop it. Shut up.
Girlfriend: Maybe you shouldn’t gamble so much.
Rep. Hall: Shut up.
Girlfriend: No, you’re not going to talk to me like that. Then take me home.
Rep. Hall: I don’t have time to take you home.
Girlfriend: Take me home. Because you’re gambling is more important?
Rep. Hall: Yes.
Girlfriend: Because… Why?
Rep. Hall: Because it’s more important.
Girlfriend: Than me?
Rep. Hall: Yes.
Girlfriend: Okay. Get. Take me. Take me home.
Rep. Hall: No, I don’t have time.
Girlfriend: Now, take me home.
Rep. Hall: Stop fucking with this.
Girlfriend: Take me home now.
Rep. Hall: I don’t have time.
Girlfriend: Take me home now.
Rep. Hall: Megan, I do not have time.
Girlfriend: Take me home now. Take me home now.
Rep. Hall: You… did not have to come.
Girlfriend: Take me home now. Take me home now.
Rep. Hall: Stop fucking with that. Every second, I listen to this!
Girlfriend: Take me home now.
Rep. Hall: I don’t have time to take you home.
Girlfriend: Take me home.
Rep. Hall: I do not have time. I want to take you home. I do not have time.
Girlfriend: I’m sorry your gambling is so important.
It is. Do not fuck with this. Don’t…
Girlfriend: You are not going to talk to me like that! Take me home now.
Rep. Hall: [Unintelligible] long time.
Girlfriend: Now. Apologize now! Matt! You fucking broke my phone!

Rep. Matt Hall is the RINO Leader in the Michigan State House who, in 2020, Chaired the Oversight Committee that was looking into voter fraud in Michigan. This is the committee that Rudy Giuliani appeared before, bringing key witnesses Jessy Jacob and Mellissa Carone, among others, to show massive and systemic irregularities in the November 2020 election, especially in the way that absentee ballots were processed and screened, and how the data was managed.



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Published January 25, 2024

FOX 2 (WJBK) – Michigan House Minority Leader Matt Hall is under fire by members of his own party amid domestic violence allegations.

Police records show that Hall, of southwest Michigan, was accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend in 2019 but was never charged, according to a Daily Beast report. He was also accused of interfering with a 911 call.

Now, Republican State Rep. Jim DeSana of Wyandotte is calling on Hall to step down.

“Our caucus would not have elected Matt Hall as our leader had we known this,” DeSana said. “I think it’s a basic question of honesty. This report came out and we got factual information on the report and the facts are completely different than what Matt has told us.”

The Daily Beast quotes a document from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and reports that Hall and his girlfriend were driving to Indiana when he “became angry and smashed her phone screen.”

DeSana said there are other details that he feels are grounds for resignation.

“Ending a 911 call, hanging up on 911, and then when they call you back – ignoring the call,” DeSana said. “When somebody repeatedly asks you to take them home, turnaround and take them home, and you refuse, when somebody texts you from 911 and you ignore the texts, smashing somebody’s cell phone who is in your car – in an incident like this, and then denying all of it. ”

Fox 2 reached out to Hall’s communications team for a comment. Instead, his team referred FOX 2 to one of Hall’s fellow caucus leaders, who is standing firmly behind him.

“Leader Hall proved himself as an effective legislator when he led the joint oversight committee and and held testimony that was nationally renowned,” said Rep. Andrew Beeler of Port Huron. “He has proven himself a thorough legislator as our caucus chair last term, and then he won resoundingly in an election for caucus leader.”

Beeler questioned the timing of both the Daily Beast Report and DeSana’s whistleblowing.

“Two weeks ago or so, Leader Hall is publicly calling out the governor now that we’re 54/54 in the House, calling out Speaker Tate to come together and agree on a shared power agreement,” Beeler said. “And just in the nick of time – an extremely partisan, extremely debunked story that has zero merit to it is reported by an outlet with limited credibility. We know they’re a partisan outlet.”



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The State House Republican Leader previously came under scrutiny for sending angry emails to a rival claiming, “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.”

Published January 10, 2024

A Michigan lawmaker who has faced scrutiny over email threats he delivered in college—wherein he warned “the South will rise again”—was also once investigated by police over an alleged domestic violence episode, The Daily Beast has learned.

Police records reveal that State House Republican Leader Matt Hall was accused in 2019 of domestic assault and interfering in a 911 call. He was never charged.

Hall and his office did not return messages left by The Daily Beast. The woman who filed the report told us that negative reports about Hall aren’t true and that she “wouldn’t be in a relationship with him if this was the type of person he was.”

“I think members of the public should know Matt Hall is a committed public servant who wants to do what’s best for his family, constituents and the people of Michigan,” she said.

But some critics are questioning whether Hall—who once invited former President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani to spread election fraud lies before a Michigan House committee—is suitable to lead a state GOP already in disarray. (Kristina Karamo, the election-denying chair of the Michigan GOP, refuses to acknowledge her recent ouster.)

Hall and other lawmakers return to the state Capitol Wednesday and face a House temporarily split between Democrats and Republicans and the specter of deadlock.

“House Democrats have a choice to make: Together we can forge compromise and achieve the most productive months of the session, or the House Democrat leadership can take their ball and go home until next spring,” Hall said in November, after two state reps won mayoral races and Dems lost a slim majority. Special elections to fill their seats are slated for April.

“We have to work together,” Hall told a radio show last week, warning that Democrats could face opposition “if they try to ram through” legislation as they did last session, with pro-union and other progressive bills.





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