Bad News For Sick Lib After What She’s Caught Hiding In Room At Debate

That is what criminal Democrats do .. LIE! 

The story ..

Alexi McCammond from Bustle News (left), Donald Trump on the “Spin Room” at the Presidential Debate on Monday night (right)

A deplorable liberal reporter working the presidential debate tried to give her candidate the upper hand by tricking Donald Trump with her own recording. However, she failed to take into account that anywhere candidates go, surveillance is sure to follow, and it makes it really difficult for Democrats to get away with their dishonesty.

Whiny liberal women have already tried this before and failed, but they didn’t seem to learn from their recent experience when they went for the slander a second time. Following in Michelle Fields’ footsteps, Alexi McCammond from Bustle News apparently wanted to make a name for herself too with disturbing allegations against the male presidential candidate who liberals insist is a misogynist and will go to great lengths to fabricate proof of that. It’s only funny when it backfires like it just did for Alexi.

With striking similarity to what fellow anti-Trump reporter Michelle Fields tried to do when she slandered the Republican candidate with her claim that his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, physically abused her, Alexi alleged almost the exact same tale of abuse but said it was Trump himself who strong-armed her. The liberal way to lie and deflect then throw a fit when proven wrong, which Alexi did when she was slapped with the recorded footage that wasn’t her own, showing what really happened in the “spin room” behind the scenes at the presidential debate on Monday.

“I asked him a very basic question about how he could garner support from normal millennial women. As a millennial black woman that is a question very important to me,” Alexi explained before pinning a tall tale of how Trump responded to this “black woman” reporter. “Instead of answering my question he grabbed my wrist, pushed my phone away as I was recording and said put that down.

Not surprisingly, Alexi spun the truth of what happened in the “spin room” and thought she would get away with it. However, video of her moment with Trump is out and proves she made it up since he didn’t abuse her and just seemed to want some personal space during the interview. Perhaps the Bustle reporter felt that her followers and Hillary supporters wouldn’t care about the facts since that never seems to matter to them anyway, and assumed she could just stretch the truth about anything she wants for her own personal gain and get away with it.

Democrats are playing a really dirty game to try to win this election, and that should be all the proof any voter needs to see to go the other direction. They can’t win on merit, so they make things up, with “fake it until you make it” as the hallmark of Hillary’s run for president. It’s not Trump who hurt Alexi, the truth did.

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