Before The Clintons Left The White House, They Did Something MUCH Worse Than Stealing Furniture

In 2001, the Clintons were moving out of the White House to make way for the Bush Administration. Not only did the Clintons steal furniture on their way out of the White House, but they did something far worse. It’s yet another reason why they should not be allowed to step foot in the White House AGAIN!

Besides the stolen furniture, Hillary Clinton and her lackeys defaced walls, stole a presidential seal dating back to the Eisenhower years, damaged furniture they deemed not expensive enough to take, and left a huge mess in the offices, making it look like a rave party had taken place there.

They left behind offensive and derogatory statements about Bush, defaced keyboards so the letter W could not be used, stole doorknobs and other small items, and left behind prank signs as well as many other immature acts. Apparently, the Clintons are petty, reckless, and have no respect for the taxpayers or the donations they give to for president’s household and office.

A complete list of all the damages is in the GAO 02-360 ‘The White House: Allegations of Damage During the 2001 Presidential Transition,’ an official document of the aftermath of the Clinton Administration. So, liberals can’t chalk this up to a conspiracy theory.

And the Democrats want someone this immature and disrespectful back in the White House?

The Clintons stole or destroyed thousands of dollars of donated items in the White House, a place We the People provide for THEM as they lead this country. In no way do any of those items belong to one president—whether they are taken or destroyed is not up to them.

The Clinton family claims they returned the furniture they had mistaken as being personally donated to the Clinton family, while other items reported missing at the end of Bill Clinton’s administration were never returned.

Of course, this has Hillary written all over it. I can’t think of another person who would steal from and deface the White House. Her greed is apparent with these actions, and it’s almost a guarantee that if she’s elected, some of the missing items will suddenly reappear in the White House.

Hillary was the first person to condemn Donald Trump for his “reckless temperament,” stating further that he is not suitable to be commander-in-chief, and yet evidence of her own reckless and overall immature behavior further shoves her into a hypocritical light.

What will happen to the White House when she’s done with it the second time around? Will she burn it down next time? Make sure no one else can use it once she’s knocked off her high horse?

The Obamas may be gunning for Hillary to win the election in November, but one can only hope for America’s sake this doesn’t come happen. Not only will our beloved White House be brought down, but so will our great country. We the People cannot allow this to happen!

Source: Angry Patriot


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