FBI Releases More Hillary Clinton Investigation Records…..on FRIDAY NIGHT

The FBI has released 189 pages of records from its Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The Friday document dump comes weeks after the bureau released its report of its findings from the probe and of notes taken during Clinton’s July 2 interview.

The documents include notes — known as 302s — from FBI interviews with current and former State Department officials, independent computer technicians who worked on Clinton’s email server, and a handful of Clinton aides.

Notes from interviews conducted with longtime Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal are also included as are notes from an interview with Marcel Lehel Lazar, the hacker known as Guccifer who hacked into Blumenthal’s personal email account.

The identities of several of the individuals interviewed are redacted.

Notes from interviews with State Department officials Patrick Kennedy, Eric Boswell, and Lewis Lukens are included. As are notes from former Sec. of State Colin Powell’s interview.

The 302s of interviews with Clinton aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Monica Hanley were also released.

The documents can be viewed here.

H/T – DailyCaller


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