Bernie Sanders Breaks Away From Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has apparently given up on Hillary Clinton.

The former Democratic candidate – and populist favorite – has begun to return to his anti-establishment rhetoric as the end of the presidential election draws near.

Supporters of Sanders have roundly criticized him for his endorsement of his once arch-rival, who embodies the kind of corruption and Washington and Wall Street corporate interests he and his followers have railed against.

Sanders has recently begun emphasizing the importance of holding Clinton accountable to do the right thing – as she can not be trust to do otherwise:

“This is not trust. We are not here to trust,” Sanders said in a recent interview with NowThis. “It is the very opposite of what I am saying, ‘oh, sit back, elect Clinton, and then trust.’ No, Mobilize. Educate. And if there are Democratic members of Congress, or if Clinton, when elected President does not go forward in doing the right thing, let them know how you feel about it.”

Sanders has an independent organization, called “Our Revolution” and they have started a petition to get Clinton to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline and stand with the Native Americans protesting it. Clinton has remained silent on the issue, as she is generally in favor of it.

Sanders also wrote an Op-Ed in the Denver Post not telling supporters why someone should vote for Hillary Clinton, only why they should not vote for Donald Trump.

Sanders also cautioned that if Clinton appoints corrupt, pro-Wall Street administration officials, he will do everything in his power to fight those nominations, The Observer reports. “I expect her to appoint people who will head agencies in a way that is consistent with the Democratic Party platform, and if not, I will do my best to oppose those nominees,” he added.

Though Sanders supporters have been relegated to apathy since he officially ended his presidential campaign at the Democratic National Convention, Sanders is beginning to show every intention of giving his supporters something to be excited about after Election Day. Clinton’s free pass from Sanders is over.




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