Biden blames ‘eavesdropping’ media after Netanyahu needs ‘come to Jesus’ moment hot-mic snafu

President Biden was caught on hot mic talking with Senator Michael Bennet, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
Published March 9, 2024

WASHINGTON — President Biden was caught saying on a hot mic Thursday evening that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needed a “come to Jesus” talk about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

The president, 81, made the awkward comment about the Jewish state’s head of government while mingling with lawmakers following his State of the Union address — asking Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) to keep what he said confidential.

“I told him, ‘Bibi’ — and don’t repeat this, but [I said] ‘You and I are going to have a come to Jesus—’,” Biden began as an aide rushed over to stop him from saying more, exclaiming “Sir!” and whispering in his ear.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stood nearby, and it was unclear whether they overheard the remark.

The exchange with Bennet followed other candid comments in the aftermath of the speech, such as Biden quipping to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) after he extolled the president’s remarks as evidence of his mental fitness, “I kinda wish sometimes I was cognitively impaired.”



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I’m on a hot mic here,’ Biden says after being alerted


Published March 9,  2024

President Biden was “caught” on a hot mic Thursday night revealing a private conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, appearing to say he had told him they would have a “come to Jesus” moment soon.

Mingling on the House floor after his State of the Union address, Biden spoke with Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., while Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg looked on. Bennet said he had just returned from Jordan and encouraged the president to “keep doing what you’re doing on the humanitarian stuff” regarding the Israel-Gaza war.

Biden then appeared to say, adding “don’t repeat this” to the group, “I told him, Bibi [Netanyahu,]… you and I are going to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment.” Blinken chuckled at the comment; the term “come to Jesus” tends to refer to a moment where someone has a moment of major realization.



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Published March 9, 2024
WASHINGTON, March 8 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden said he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the two of them were headed for a “come to Jesus” meeting over the issue of getting humanitarian aid into Gaza, according to a video clip posted on Friday.
Biden was recorded making the comment on Thursday night while on Capitol Hill for his State of the Union speech in what appeared to be a further sign of his frustration at dealing with Netanyahu over the issue of Gaza.
In the clip, posted on social media by Democratic consultant Sawyer Hackett, Biden can be seen talking to Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennett, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
Bennett can be heard telling Biden that there was a need to keep pushing Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza.
The United States has been air dropping crates of aid into Gaza and is organizing construction of a temporary pier to allow for maritime deliveries since Israel has slowed truck deliveries.

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