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There’s a difference between being an anti-vaccine fanatic and a hesitant Covid-19 vaccine recipient, wanting more information ..:

Covid-19, Social Standing, and the New World Order

By Wallace Garneau – America Out Loud

I have not had a Covid-19 vaccine. Let me open this article up right out of the gate by saying that. That does not mean I am anti-vaccine, or that I think the Covid-19 vaccines are unsafe or ineffective. I follow the science, and by that, I mean that I follow the actual science – I do not mean I follow politicians who claim to follow the science when they have no interest in the actual science.

I have, on the other hand, had Covid-19. I was lucky when I had it, having a friend who had access to HCQ, which I took for ten days, along with zinc. For me, having Covid-19 meant staying home to quarantine (I worked from home so this was relatively easy), and feeling flu-ish for a couple of days. After a couple of days, I felt better, and then after about four days, I felt a little flu-ish again. After a couple of days, I felt better, and then after another four days, I felt sick enough that I actually took a day off at work, which is something I only rarely do. The third bout lasted about three days, and then it was gone for good.

I felt a little sluggish for a month or so, and had a mild but persistent cough (some call it ‘Covid Cough’) for months. At first, I coughed frequently, and then less frequently, and eventually it went away entirely.

Did the HCQ help me? I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV, and I did not sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I really don’t know. What I do know is that I had Covid-19 and that my body created antibodies against it to fight it off. I know that a number of peer-reviewed studies have shown that people who have had Covid-19 have T-Cells that only get created when antibodies are being made in the bone marrow. I have long-lasting immunity against at least the strain I had – whatever strain that happened to be.

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