Boeing whistleblower John Barnett’s cause of death revealed as coroner releases official findings

Published May 18, 2024

Charleston, South Carolina, coroner release cause and manner of death for Boeing whistleblower

Charleston, South Carolina, investigators have released their findings in the death of Boeing whistleblower John Barnett, who was found dead in his truck in March after he failed to show up for his second day of depositions in a lawsuit against the aerospace manufacturer.

After Barnett failed to arrive for the proceedings, his lawyers called for a wellness check, and he was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the parking lot of his hotel, according to authorities.

He had a pistol in his right hand, and investigators later confirmed gunshot residue on his hand. They found a single shell casing in the truck and a suicide note on his passenger seat.

Boeing whistleblower says he was told to ‘falsify information’ when logging defects

Santiago Paredes, who spent 12 years conducting inspections on 737 fuselages for one of Boeing’s suppliers, says on ‘FOX & Friends First’ that it was a ‘constant battle’ to do his job.

“All findings were consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the report from Charleston County Coroner Bobbi Jo O’Neal reads.

His official cause of death is the gunshot wound. The manner “is best deemed, ‘Suicide.’” the coroner concluded.

Additionally, police said he was locked inside his vehicle alone when they found him, along with the key fob. They found no signs of unusual travel patterns or communications in his phone records, and hotel surveillance video showed him leaving the hotel by himself before he reversed into a parking spot a few minutes later.

No one came or went from the vehicle until the grim discovery the following morning.



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Published May 17, 2024

As previously reported, Boeing whistleblower John Barnett was found dead from a ‘self-inflicted’ gunshot wound inside his vehicle outside a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina as he was testifying against the airplane company.

John Barnett was found dead on March 9 on day three of his deposition against Boeing. He worked for Boeing for 32 years until he retired in 2017.

“Barnett’s death came during a break in depositions in a whistleblower retaliation suit, where he alleged under-pressure workers were deliberately fitting sub-standard parts to aircraft on the assembly line.” the Daily Mail reported.

Charleston police investigated after Barnett was found in his truck “suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.”




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Published May 18, 2024
  • Boeing whistleblower John Barnett was found dead in his truck on Saturday 
  • He was due to attend a third day of depositions when he was found dead
  • Local police have begun their investigation into his death 

A Boeing whistleblower who had testified against the company days before his death shot himself with a handgun and left a suicide note in his vehicle, can reveal.

John Barnett, 62, was found dead in his truck in a hotel parking lot in Charleston, South Carolina, on Saturday – seven years after he retired following a 32-year career.

The ex-quality manager at Boeing’s North Charleston plant died from a ‘self-inflicted’ wound, with Charleston Police Department probing his death.

A police report obtained by reveals that Barnett extended his stay at the Holiday Inn two days prior to his suspected suicide and had been set to check out the day before the alarm was raised.

The report details that a friend of Barnett’s contacted the hotel asking for a welfare check at 10am on March 9, with employees knocking on his hotel room door with no response.

A member of staff then searched for his orange Dodge Ram in the parking lot of the hotel, and discovered Barnett deceased in the driver’s seat with a ‘silver handgun’ in his right hand.





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