FBI director James Comey decided to open up the Clinton email investigation all over again just 10 days before the election. I have been following this story with bewilderment and curiosity. This is what I have found. More information about the fallout from these Wikileaks documents and the reopening of this case comes right back to James Comey trying to cover his back. Remember he’s been under intense scrutiny and pressure from various members of Congress.  People in the public have been asking “what in the world happened with this investigation?” I will make the case that James Comey has been on the Clinton payroll for years. He has been covering for them, and now the heat is too hot and he decided to go rogue on them to cover himself.
Representative John Mica shocks the Director by saying “I want all communications between you and Loretta Lynch”

Rep. John Ratcliffe proves FBI Director Comey was in on the FIX with Hillary Clinton

As more emails are revealed by anonymous sources more questions arise; as a result of the Directors responses regarding his subpoena to give all of the 302’s to Congress which he did not do.  Director Comey  held back a certain amount of 302’s for negotiating with the Dept of Justice Lorretta Lynch.  When I first heard this out of Rep Caffetz mouth I too didn’t know what a 302 is. I took the liberty defining it here. A 302 is referring to a document called an FD-302. It’s a form is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct”[3][4] and contains information from the notes taken during the interview by the non-primary agent. It consists of information taken from the subject, rather than details about the subject themselves. It is a forms list from an internal FBI Website which lists the FD-302 as a  Form for Reporting Information That May Become Testimony. You can imagine how these missing forms are important to the case when trying to determine if the investigation was handled by James Comey properly.

The biggest and most damning takeaway from Hillary Clinton’s July interview with the FBI, at least as it concerns the FBI itself and by extension the validity of our government, is, to borrow an old saying is ‘that dog don’t hunt.’  That is, there is no indication that in the course of the interview, FBI agents once asked the former secretary of state about emails to and from Clinton aides regarding Clinton Foundation business.

Clinton’s lawyers deliberately withheld these emails from the public and forced the FBI to recover them.  They clearly demonstrate Clinton’s motive in setting up the server, was to hide Clinton Foundation business as it regards to the Secretary of State position where foundation business and State dept business was commingled to enrich the foundation; thereby intentionally endangering the classified material that she and her staff knew would inevitably be sent through it.  This motive and intent is demonstrated by Clinton’s obstructions, road blocks, and lies. The destruction of evidence that followed in the course of over a year is can also be construed as intent to hide, or destroy evidence in a federal investigation.

FBI agents never even asked about any of it during the interview. The interview was not recorded either which is not protocol.  Since they are presumably well trained and experienced investigators (including a section chief), the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that they were deliberately told by someone not to pursue this line of questioning. It would have undermined the narrative that Director James Comey intended to deliver to the nation a few days later; that Hillary should not be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence of intent.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz of (R.Utah) interviews Director Comey and gets him to agree Hillary Clinton is guilty.

For Context here is some background history on James Comey. Comey is the one who stood up to President Bush’s inner in the Bush administration when they were pressuring him to continue the wireless surveillance program that others believed should not continue. Comey who was then with the Justice Department and not with the FBI  would not sign off on it. The Director stood up to the White House Counsel He stood up there with the Attorney General John Ashcroft instead and said I’m not doing this and that is why a lot of Democrats and Republicans were saying at the beginning of this criminal investigation into the Hillary Clinton private server that James Comey is the perfect person to sort through all this.

James Comey is the perfect person to investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton and her email scandal? The thing that is not known is that James Comey  has been cleaning up after the Clinton’s for years.  In 2004 Comey saved America from the warrantless wiretapping program while at the very same time saving Sandy Berger who was Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser.  By changing the warrantless wiretapping laws as Sandy Berger was being investigating for stealing classified documents from the archives it just so happens a review of the Department of Justice’s involvement with the presidents surveillance program had an incestuous relationship, where the investigated and the investigator were in cahoots for an expected end. Is this starting to sound familiar?

Watch this next 8 of Director Comeys time line and his history with the Clinton’s, and why I believe he is basically an operative for the Clinton’s.

Peter Comey is Director James Comeys brother.Peter Comey serves as Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas for DLA Piper. DLA Piper is the firm that performed the INDEPENDANT AUDIT of the Clinton Foundation in November of 2015. Pipers employees represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign donation bloc and the Clinton Foundation donation base. comey

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