BREAKING! Biker Clubs Now Violently Attacking Muslim Immigrants In Germany

Europe is in chaos. Over the last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has allowed over one million Muslim migrants to come to Germany. Many of these refugees are young, uneducated males, with no skills, no understanding of German, and no plans on assimilating.

As terrorist attacks and sexual assaults by these Muslim newcomers become more common throughout Europe, many Germans are regretting inviting these people to their country.

Now there are multiple reports of German biker clubs roaming the streets of German cities, attacking Muslim immigrants. Two Pakistani men were recently hospitalized after getting attacked by a group of 20 German bikers.

The Cologne, Germany newspaper, Express, reports large groups of rocker and hooligan gangs are now organizing themselves via Facebook to meet in downtown Cologne and other German cities to start “manhunts” of foreigners.

This year there have been nearly one thousand criminal complaints from women in Germany about being sexually assaulted by Muslim asylum seekers. It is believed that the true number of attacks is much higher, as many women do not report the crimes.

The bikers say they are defending the honor of German women by “beating the living hell out of Muslim refugees”.

The growing crime rate caused by these asylum seekers has prompted a highly charged debate in Germany about Merkel’s open-door policy on refugees. Now, many of those “compassionate” liberal Europeans who welcomed these immigrants are desperately regretting their decision.

It was obvious to many Europeans that inviting over one million Muslim refugees with few skills and no understanding of the language was going to be a huge problem. But liberal Chancellor Merkel made the executive decision that her country should do the “compassionate” thing and welcome these people.

Now there is growing civil unrest and violence all over Europe. Another result of “compassionate liberalism”.

Let’s hope our own government learns from Europe’s mistakes. Based on what we are hearing from President Obama and Hillary Clinton, there’s not much reason to be optimistic.

Source: Iron Demons



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