MSNBC intelligence expert: WikiLeaks is releasing falsified emails not really from Hillary Clinton

Fake crooked Hillary expert to the rescue ..

“The latest release from WikiLeaks, a collection of emails supposedly hacked from the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, is getting very little public attention due to the fact that it contains nothing particularly scandalous to begin with, and the fact that it was released just as Donald Trump’s campaign was imploding in a sexual assault scandal. But those who have examined the Clinton email dump have found something fascinating: several of the emails aren’t real, and aren’t even good forgeries.

Malcolm Nance, a U.S. intelligence expert and MSNBC analyst, has issued what he’s calling an “official warning.” He’s reporting that the emails in question “already proving to be riddled with obvious forgeries” and goes on to add that they’re “not even professionally done.” Nance announced his conclusion via Twitter just a few hours after the supposed emails were released. MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid retweeted his warning, adding “FYI” to her own audience.

WikiLeaks had spent the past month claiming that it would be releasing election-altering hacked information on Hillary Clinton which would cost her the election. But the bizarre advance hype, coupled with repeated delays and a surreal middle-of-the-night press conference last week in which absolutely no information was revealed, suggested that they had nothing all along.

This evening’s email dump, which appears to have been specifically timed on a Friday evening in order to avoid the scrutiny of the major media outlets, has revealed relatively little of interest. Some of the emails purport to contain the transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, but use odd phrases such as “and/or” which would not have been included in the original prepared text of a speech and would not have been spoken out loud by someone giving a speech ..” Ref.:  MSNBC intelligence expert!?? 

It’s not getting much attention in the crooked and bias MSM because Trump said “pussy” on a tape the criminals in the Hillary camp have had for months. And we know the leaks is real and authentic because 1. Hillary wanted to drone Assange. 2. WikiLeaks have had 10 years of being 100% correct, perfect score! 

MSM is firmly in the pocket of crooked Hillary Clinton, something their wall-to-wall coverage of the video, a video of a private conversation in a locker room setting in Hollywood 11 years ago shows. The smear and the orchestrated and organised character assassination attempt on Donald Trump was carefully timed to the WikiLeaks email release (93 minutes after) and the main stream media has been running several fake stories since, all rapidly debunked in the fast growing alternative media, on social media and on Twitter and Youtube.

I notice Mr. Malcolm Nance didn’t put forward any evidence for his claims that the emails wasn’t real, or how it was forged, nor does he mention conflict of interest for the fact that he is MSNBC’s Intelligence expert, as we know, MSNBC is part of the Main Stream Media that is heavily invested in Hillary’s campaign, a bias, dishonest part of Hillary’s camp.

To claim to be an “expert” and to be this shallow and inaccurate when it comes to WikiLeaks email release only goes to weakened his statements, especially when he doesn’t put forward evidence. Anyone can claim to be an “expert” – A normal “thing” when it comes to the political left, f.example can that be seen when it comes to the”green” left where everybody agreeing with the narrative is an “expert”. That aside, no other media has put forward such claims, obviously there is only this “one expert” (who got paid to produce some sort of rebuttal) who found the forgeries. Lastly, Fox News has been reporting about these leaks for days now. When they made a mistake in their presentation of the leaked emails, Hillary’s camp was in contact with them immediately to point that out. When they checked, they found they had in fact made an error when transporting the emails from one media to a media that could be presented on TV. I.e. CONFIRMATION! She also confirmed her “Two sets of position” in the 2nd. debate against Mr. Trump that the whole world now has seen, you know where she blames Honest Abe for having to lie!

“.. excerpts from those speeches were released Friday as part of a larger leak of over 2,000 emails to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.” More here ..

Is this the narrative going forward? It’s not really Hillary’s emails? What happen to “The Russians did it”? Is it because less than 5% thinks that how it came to be is not important, whereas 87% thinks the information actually provided is most important? I think we have a winner ..

Video of this “expert”.  Notice how he strongly states in the beginning: “I don’t think Donald Trump has a clue ..” As we know, assumptions is the mother of all screw ups. And why does he “think” Trump doesn’t know? How does he know what Donald Trump knows? When it comes to bombing, what else should the US do? Boots on the ground?

Trump has said he rather have other countries send in their fighters (soldiers). When that is said, if Qatar, Saudi Arabia and USA stop shipping weapons , ammo and money to ISIS., that kind of solves itself. No, this “expert” is not credible – at all. Before starting to rebut he should have checked with the team of criminals floating around crooked Hillary, because now he ended up writing a rebuttal of something Hillary’s team of criminals already have confirmed, even Hillary herself in the debate – some INTELLIGENCE expert! I hope he likes eggs ..

I have written it many times, the level of stupidity we observe in the Hillary’s camp is staggering. Everything they come up with to hurt Trump ends up blowing up in their faces. 5 examples this week alone .. But i am sure there are more.

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