BREAKING : Feminist Hoax “Lawyer” and Clinton Supporter Gloria Allred Plans STUNT With Another FAKE TRUMP ACCUSER

Liberals and the lying media are in desperation and SLANDER mode.

They’re attempting to take down Donald Trump, who is the STRONG FRONT RUNNER despite what the media and rigged polls say, because why else would hey be slandering him and lying THIS MUCH?

Allred has dug up another “fake accuser” who suddenly has had an epiphany, three weeks before a presidential election, to come forward and claim she was “sexually assaulted” by Donald Trump.

Allred plans to hold a PRESS CONFERENCE and parade this woman before America.

Allred is famous for these STUNTS.

If you’ll recall, she did the same thing to former presidential candidate Herman Cain.


It’s so interesting how Allred, a “champion of women” has never come to defend the 17+ women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape ad sexual assault over a span of DECADES.

The media will cover Allred’s press-circus of lies while ignoring ACTUAL news happening with the release of tens of thousands of emails by Wikileaks.

These emails and documents prove Hillary’s PAY TO PLAY scams, her desire to do away with the “United States” for borderless “North America Union,” the admission that she and Bill do not BELIEVE in gay marriage behind closed door, and that she has a public and private persona – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Source: TruthFeed



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