BREAKING : Clinton’s Home-brew Illegal Server was Painstakingly Built Over Months in a Secret Location

Hillary’s ILLEGAL server was created in a “lab,” similar to what Dr. Frankenstein’s when created and brought to life his monster.

I.T. whiz-kid and subpoena-ignorer Bryan Pagliano painstakingly created the machine over a series of months while working in an abandoned Hillary campaign office on K Street in Washington.

According to files released last Friday evening, Pagliano worked to design and build the now-infamous server inside a room once used as part of Clinton’s campaign headquarters.

Yeah, because this is what you do when you want to keep your YOGA EMAILS private.

Pagliano used computer remnants from Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential bid, where he had worked as an I.T. specialist.

Pagliano said it was longtime Clinton Foundation aide Justin Cooper who asked him to build the server “in the fall of 2008” and that Pagliano completed the work in early 2009.

Once the server was built, Pagliano said he “rented a minivan and drove to Chappaqua New York to install the email server in the Clinton residence.”

Pagliano insisted to the FBI that he “believed the email server he was building would be used for private email exchange with Bill Clinton aides.”


That’s why he refuses to show up for the subpoena.

They’re all a bunch of crooks and liars.

Source: Truthfeed


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