BREAKING Hillary LIED – She Knew Her Server was HACKED

Hillary Clinton and her state department goon squad DENIED any knowledge of “hacking” attempts on her (ILLEGAL) personal server.

They lied.

Thanks to a newly uncovered email – reportedly obtained from Huma Abedin – it’s been proven – once again – they’re all a bunch of liars.


Much like everything else involved in the Clinton campaign and its handling of Clinton’s email, that was a baldfaced lie. And now we know that for a fact, thanks to WikiLeaks. A newly released email from 2011 from Hillary aide Huma Abedin reportedly said that her BlackBerry wasn’t working. In response, Justin Cooper — the IT guy who set up Hillary’s private email server — said, “We were attacked again.”

You can’t believe a single word that comes out of these people’s mouths.


Source: TruthFeed 



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