VIDEO Chris Wallace Humiliates Clueless Robby Mook Catches Him in LIE AFTER LIE

We’ve said it before and it just proves to be more and more true everyday.


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Being the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton is a lot like being an Obama spokesperson. Every day is centered around telling lies, Sundays included. Robbie Mook joined Chris Wallace for an interview which, given Friday’s announcement by James Comey, is sure to be a nonstop lie-fest.

Wallace starts off with a warm-up question, asking for his reaction to FBI Director Comey’s announcement and why does he think he did it. That’s a good opportunity for him to get the victimhood message that Clinton is trying to present out there, getting that part of the politicking out of the way.

Mook says they were very surprised by the letter, they thought they had this thing buried until after the election. Now they’re asking for Comey to do what they know he can’t and won’t, make the evidence public. That would be impossible given the sheer volume of documents, estimated in an article by the Wall Street Journal and by Fox News’ Catherine Herridge to be in excess of 650,000 emails. That’s some heavy reading.

He says that Comey had already made a decision, which for good or bad is true, and then more evidence materialized in front of his eyes, causing him to reconsider what many thought was an irrational and suspect decision. Life is about change, Mook, what’s your point? He then says that they believe the “voters have already made up their minds on this issue.” That may be the case and now some of those they had hoodwinked may realize that Trump was right, Hillary really is corrupt.

As Mook is sniveling about them having no idea whatsoever, in spite of the strong likelihood that they know exactly what’s on there and are in full panic mode, Wallace asks the obvious question, “You talk about the responsibility to the American people to get all of the information out there is someone who knows, what’s in all those emails, and that is Huma Abedin.” Mook’s body language gets the better of him on that one, with his eyes closing with in a “I stepped right into that one” reset.

Wallace continues, “Has Secretary Clinton asked her what’s in those emails?” Mook puts on his obstructionist hat, saying, “Well Chris the problem with what you’re saying is we don’t know.” Wallace rephrases it following the first attempted diversion, saying, “I’m asking you a direct question, has Secretary Clinton asked Huma Abedin what was on that laptop that she shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner? He replies by playing cute little boy games of “let me offer you a hypothetical as well.”

There’s nothing cute about your own corruption and lying to the American people any more than there is about that of the witch you report to or her hand maiden. Wallace tries again asking why wouldn’t she ask her, to which Mook, unable to answer with any substance, describes the Comey letter, including the number of paragraphs and other meaningless time-filling information.

Mook refuses to answer, insisting on putting the ball in Comey’s court. There’s something big in those emails, isn’t there, Robbie?

Wallace then asks about a complete and unquestioned lie by both Podesta and Clinton that the letter was sent to Republicans only, showing a copy of the letter which was sent to eight Republicans and eight Democrats. He asks, “Robbie, why would she say something that is so flatly untrue?” Mook attempts to portray it as a simple failure to read the second page, although it wasn’t. They read and re-read the letter, between multiple people. There was no way the information of it going to the eight House Democrats went unnoticed. It was, as Wallace says, a talking point of their campaign and one that was repeated for more than six hours.

Wallace counters the argument that this is all the fault of others and not Hillary Clinton with an email exchange between John Podesta and Clinton adviser Neera Tanden, which followed the breaking of the email story in March of 2015. Tanden asked, “Why didn’t they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy.” Podesta replied, “Unbelievable.” Tanden responded, “I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it.”

She, at least, has Clinton figured out. That makes her a rarity among Democrats.

Source: TruthFeed



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