BREAKING : New Report Indicates Clintons Were IN ON THE WIRETAPPING

Remember when Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met on an airport tarmac in Arizona just before the FBI cleared Hillary of any charges in her email scandal?

Well, new reports are circulating, claiming the wiretapping may have been a result of that meeting.

As Obama and liberals duck for cover over #ObamaGate, a timeline of events is taking shape, and reports indicate that the Clintons may have been in on it.

From DC Whispers

Today (Sunday) Obama operatives were out in full force, as predicted, spinning deflection to a compliant Mainstream Media. The gist of this deflection was that Obama would NEVER (knowingly) order wire taps on a political opponent and that President Trump’s recent accusations regarding that possibility are beyond the pale. Even as those denials are being voiced, though, an Obamagate timeline is forming. Later yesterday, reports began to circulate that the source of the Trump wire tap was initiated by former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The same Loretta Lynch who met privately inside a government plane with former President Bill Clinton at the very same time the FBI was investigating then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


It looks like the #ObamaGate wiretapping scandal is about BLOW wide open this week.

That information comes from Obama’s former secret service agent, Dan Bongino.

Bongino claims he has some “information” to share regarding the Obama administration.

In a series of tweets he put out on Sunday, Bongino said about the information he is about to release, “It’s time.”

Should be interesting!

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