BREAKING: New Revelation May Impeach Obama… Attorney General Loretta Lynch Got Caught Sneaking Hillary’s FBI Documents To This Person

While Republicans in Congress continue to fight for justice about the scandal Hillary had with her private email server, we are beginning to see more of the FBI and Department of Justice impede them.

As early as January of this year the fix was in. Obama and his crony Loretta Lynch had already determined that the former secretary of state would not face criminal charges. This despite the fact that she broke a litany of rules and laws to set up her email server and sent classified documents across the unsecured network.

Acts that would end the career of anyone else, acts that would put them in jail, were given a pass for Clinton. The entire nation was put at risk because of her lax and suspicious behavior, but she faced no repercussions.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a new book, famous political insider Ed Klein alleges that details of Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server were delivered to the Oval Office in a briefcase by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

In an excerpt of “Guilty As Sin,” published on Newsmax, Klein says that Comey realized his investigation was being undermined when he saw White House press secretary Josh Earnest indicate during a news conference that the administration had details of the FBI’s investigation…

“Uniformed FBI agents on Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s protective detail had informed Comey that Lynch had locked an armful of documents on the FBI investigation into her briefcase and delivered them to the White House.”

So the fix was in from the very start. The FBI, when they were actually trying to do their job, was being undermined by the president and the attorney general. Clearly they did not want Clinton in hot water and were preparing a defense early on against what the FBI had found.

We know that FBI Director James Comey dropped the ball when he said they would not pursue charges against Clinton, despite her breaking numerous laws. Now we see that perhaps his hands were tied long before that. But instead of confronting this perversion of justice, he went along with it.

Proof positive that the system we have in place is rigged and corrupt. Clinton should be in jail for her crimes. Anyone that tried to cover up her misdeeds should lose their job. And the president must be held responsible for his involvement in this case.

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