Dolly Parton Just Trashed Hillary Clinton Publicly With This Amazing Comment On Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton and her campaign have received some pretty bad beating from American actress Dolly Parton.

Well, well, well, it seems she had some brain left in that big head of hers, after all!

VIA Freedom Daily

Usually, actresses are bimbos who fly towards the liberal side of the political spectrum, often putting them on the mental spectrum since liberalism is about three brain cells away from being an actual disease.

Reading that Dolly Parton smashed Hillary sure is refreshing. Here’s how it went down.

“We’re doing good,” she commented at the time. “We got a woman that could go in the White House, so we’ve certainly come a long way in that respect.”

Recently, Parton saw the light and realized that Hillary would be quite possible the worst person to be the champion for woman throughout the nation. She now understands that Hillary is a liar; she’s as corrupt as they come.

In a more recent interview, she called Hillary “nuts” and that her campaign has been “just crazy.”

She went on to argue that the American public needs to stop being fooled by Hillary.

“Let’s talk about what we really need—taking care of us,” Dolly said.”I think people just want to have a feeling of security. It’s just like political terrorism right now. We’ve got room for improvement.”

Nothing Dolly does is entertaining to me and I’ve always thought she looked like a dishelved intercourse doll that washed up on the beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey.

But I am very happy to read about a celebrity knocking heads with the Clinton campaign. It’s about time that people in Hollywood come to their senses and realize how dysfunctional the left has become.

Perhaps some trickle-down effect will take place and her supporters will change sides. We must defeat lefties and make this country strong again.

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