BREAKING: Operation Drain the Swamp Started by US Intel! We Finish It!

They have already prepared the election stealing for the democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton! As a matter of fact, Jim Stone has just caught them putting all the numbers out before the election. If you want to see if they plan to steal your state, just check out the numbers in his article. It is getting really scary with the revelations what they plan to do with our country and our people. We must not allow them to take away our freedom, we must stand up to them!

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Steve Piecznik and his contacts with US Intelligence just gave us our marching orders!  They have started operation “Drain the Swamp!” and we all must play our part if we want our country back!  Steve was just on the Alex Jones show and reports US Intel will NOT allow Hillary to become President without bringing the entire system down.  They know she’s going to steal it and when this happens, the nuclear options will be used.  There will be press conferences to bring out Hillary’s Pedophilia and much more!

Hillary Clinton Busted For Pedophilia on Weiner’s Laptop!  The Second American Revolution Begins!

Piecznik says there is nothing more important than getting the word out the election is totally rigged.  He says we must get the word out about this NOW and then when they steal it, we must be ready to hit the streets with protests while all the dirt is brought out about Hillary and her conspirators.  So from now until election we must do the following

1) Pray daily for Trump’s wisdom and for all fraud and cheating to be discovered by the good guys!

2) Share the information and videos in this article by all possible means!    If all of you simply reached hundreds of people and told them to do the same, we could reach 100 million people by election day!  We must show how the election is rigged and how Hillary is doing it because she’s a lying, cheating, drug dealing, pedophile!  We must never accept a Hillary Clinton Presidency because of the rigged election which we have now proven with fractional magic!  Anybody who shares any of these videos will get a Prize if you email me at

Bev Harris Proves Our Election System is totally Rigged!   When they get caught they run out of the room with computers!




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