VIDEO : Hannity, Ingraham, Carson “The Odds of Hillary Being Indicted are Now MASSIVE”

Sean Hannity leads off by quoting Bret Baier’s reporting that the FBI is now actively and aggressively investigating the Clinton Foundation in addition to the Clinton emails. The sources report that Clinton Foundation as being “very high in terms of its priority,” says Hannity, “and there is an ‘avalanche of new information coming in every day.’ Agents also indicate that multiple people are being interviewed and some are even being re-interviewed about this case.

He also cites sources as saying “There is a ninety-nine percent chance that up to five, five foreign intelligence agencies may have accessed this server and taken these emails. Catherine Herridge reports that “FBI agents are quietly working the Clinton Foundation case out of four offices across the country, including Southern California, Arkansas, Washington, DC, and New York City.”

She also reports that “multiple sources say the “Justice” Department has been tapping the brakes on this investigation by blocking access to a grand jury. She plays a clip of Clinton lying as she denied collusion and reports that the laptops thought to have been destroyed which belonged to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson are still intact and their contents now subject to the investigation.

As Hannity goes to Laura Ingraham and Dr. Ben Carson, he makes the statement that based upon what he’s seen in the Bret Baier reporting and the Wall Street Journal, it is his belief that the odds of Hillary Clinton being indicted are “massive.”

Ingraham reflects on her experience as a white collar criminal defense litigator, saying, “When you have an investigator, a federal investigator going back to re-interview witnesses, they’re only doing so because of new information and new evidence that they’ve gathered.”

She also points out that the situation is fluid, new information is coming in and “We don’t know who’s cooperating with them now, Sean, I think we have to remember that. There are people who are freaking out right now, who are connected to this, thinking, ‘Oh my God, I never signed up to do time for the Clintons. I’m going to save myself.’ When you get into that mode of people saying ‘I’m going to save myself,’ that’s when it gets really for the principle players. We’re talking Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton and other top officials at State. The legal jeopardy for Hillary is growing by the day.”

They get into a discussion of the role that the “Justice” Department is playing in obstructing the progress of the investigation.

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