BREAKING – Video BOMBSHELL Exposes Hillary Staff Bragging About FELONY CRIMES

A bombshell video was just released by Project Veritas that is about to blow the lid off the conduct going on inside the Hillary campaign operations… and it does not paint the pristine picture Hillary and her fellow Dems would like us to believe.

In addition to this Hillary staffer, Wylie Mao, saying he would have to grab someone’s ass twice to be fired, he also stated, “I think that the bar of acceptable conduct on this campaign is pretty, pretty low.”

Now, if you watched his commentary entirely, you saw everyone at the table laugh, including several females.

You also saw pure fear on Mao’s face when he was asked by a PV reporter if he did in fact have to “grab Emma’s ass twice to be fired.”

In addition to the locker room banter going on inside Hillary’s camp, the video later proves blatant voter fraud, with one of her staffers discussing avoiding a Trump supporter during a voter registration event.

I am pretty sure all people are allowed to register to vote, not just Hillary supporters. But this really does not surprise me because we have seen Hillary staffers violate voter registration laws throughout this campaign.

Another violation occurs when a staffer admits if someone registers as a Republican, they do NOT offer them the vote by mail option they are telling Democrats about! He flat out states, “We are registering them, but we don’t want them to vote.”

Our buddy Wylie says he can rip up voter ballots and he doubts anything stronger than a reprimand would occur and amazingly, another staffer verifies that when the undercover PV journalist says he actually did rip up ballots! He asks the Hillary staffer, “We’re solid? So I’m not going to get in trouble for ripping up the ballots [registration forms]?” The answer… “Yeah… I appreciate you telling me.”

The reporter even pushes the issue, asking if it will be reported and he is once again told he is safe, no worries at all! Apparently that is perfectly okay inside the offices as long as it does not become a habit.

Once again, when the staffer is caught, the staffer has pure fear in his eyes and tries to get away from the reporter. They are caught red-handed, and have nothing to say for themselves. This is the Democrat party at its finest!

While we are being told by liberals voter fraud is NOT significant enough to impact the election, I think we are proving voter fraud to be so widespread that we very much are at risk of a VERY dishonest election taking place in 2016, and that dishonestly is embedded in the Hillary Clinton staff, even promoted.

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