President Obama tore into Donald Trump on Tuesday for the comments he made with Billy Bush in 2005.

“You know you don’t have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard just a few days ago and say, ‘that’s not right,’” Obama said while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, N.C. “You just have to be a decent human being to say ‘that’s not right.’”

Obama said Trump has repeatedly shown that he is unfit to lead the country. He “doesn’t have the temperament, or the judgment to, or the knowledge, or apparently the desire to obtain the knowledge, or the basic honesty that a president needs to have,” Obama said.

“And that was true even before we heard about his attitude toward women,” he added.

The Obama White House is taking full advantage of the pile on the media is mounting against Trump. Earlier Tuesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest called Trump’s “repugnant.”

Source: Dennis Michael Lynch

Comment: Her’s the problem with Barry O. Bummers comments, clearly he lack the judgement for such an assessment. Fact number 1. Donald Trump has built a multi BILLION business and been a successful businessman for decades. Fact number 2. He (Barry O. Bummer) hired Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Fact number 3. The economy. Fact number 4. Poverty. Fact number 5. The Middle East. Fact number 6. Food stamps .. actually i could gone on and on, but you get the picture. It’s quite clear who lacks the judgement, and it’s not Donald Trump.
Barry appears as a typical dishonest Democrat, full of himself, out of touch with reality, delusional, factual wrong and arrogant. Incompetence is the main trade of DEMOCRATS.

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