Breakthrough: With Israeli Colon Cancer Breakthrough, Patients May Live Twice as Long

Israeli Prof. Dan Aderka’s findings could double the life expectancy for colorectal cancer patients.

By United with Israel Staff

A team led by Sheba Medical Center’s Prof. Dan Aderka recently made a major breakthrough in colorectal cancer research, discovering the power of different combined therapies for the pervasive and deadly disease.

Remarkably, Aderka answered a decade-old open question about which combinations of biological medicine and chemotherapy are most effective, in addition to providing insight into which order various therapies should be administered, reported the Jerusalem Post.

While one combination (Avastin and chemotherapy) added an average of 21 months to patients’ life expectancy, a different combination (Avastin and chemotherapy) added 40 months.

Colorectal cancer remains the third most common type of cancer, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths per year, affecting men at far higher rates than women.

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