BUSTED Latest Phony Trump Accuser is a Writer for the Viciously Anti Trump Huffington Post

What kind of stuff doesn’t mix very good? Dishonesty and panic, right!? Mix that with criminal Democrats and stupidity .. makes it absolutely ridiculous!

Each “Trump accuser” gets more and more ridiculous. This one turns out to be a writer for the viciously ultra-left wing Anti-Trump Huffington Post, that has been acting in the role of Hillary SuperPac from day one.

This is equivalent to if a Pro-Trump SuperPac employee accused Hillary of “touching” him years ago and just happened to decide to do so 3 weeks before the election… REALLY?

GotNews Reports

Latest Trump “fake rape” accuser Karena Virginia is a Huffington Post writer, weird yoga “healer”, and obvious pawn of left-wing media hack Gloria Allred.

Karena Virginia writes for the left-wing, viciously anti-Trump HuffPo:

Karena Virginia

Could she maybe be anti-Trump too?

Perhaps the famous photo of the Huffington Post’s “Editor’s Meeting” will give you a clue. (Otherwise known as the “BAN MEN FROM EARTH” Club)



Just like every other supposed Trump “fake rape” accuser,Karena Virginia is not a Republican, Independent, or even everyday Democrat, but someone tied to the Democratic Party, Clinton Foundation, Democrat donors, or, in this case, Big Pro-Hillary Media.

What are the chances of that?

Oh, and she “came out” about her “assault” at a press conference organized by left-wing feminist lawyer, Democrat fundraiser, and “hired killer” for Republican campaigns Gloria Allred, who attempted this same campaign-killing stunt with a fake accuser just last week.

What a coincidence!


Men hating, stupid bitches, so impressive (sarc). What would women be without men? Very, very rare!



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