Tim Kaine Busted After Questioning Authenticity of WikiLeaks Emails

“If you’re trying to influence an election at the end, why would we assume any of it is true?” Good question, Kaine! Here’s another: Why doesn’t that standard apply to the fabricated hit-pieces you keep releasing about Trump? I know, because it’s the team of criminals hired by #Hilloccio doing the fabrication and paid for by people #Hilloccio is refering to as sand-niggers, it’s obviously a lower standard.

Source: Breitbart

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine is on the defensive, after he suggested that WikiLeaks is manipulating the content of Hillary Clinton campaign emails to cause discord in the election.

“If you’re trying to influence an election at the end, why would we assume any of it is true?” he asked reporters on Thursday, suggesting that the group was “tinkering with the content” or that the email was “manipulated.”

When asked by NBC’s Kailani Koenig to name an example of the WikiLeaks organization manipulating the emails, he suddenly appeared confused.

“There was, I actually read of one example yesterday, but actually I’m reading too many stories and I can’t pin down which one it was,” he replied. “Somebody saying, ‘I don’t think I ever sent that.’”

Afterwards, WikiLeaks taunted Kaine on Twitter.





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