Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Pulls Race Card on Handling of Illegal Crisis-Says Texas Governor Clinging To ‘Vestiges’ Of Confederacy

Published January 1, 2024

On Sunday, Democrat Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson appeared on CBS News’s “Face the Nation and invoked the Confederacy to complain about Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending illegals to his city.

Bizarrely, Johnson focuses his ire on Abbott rather than Joe Biden, who created this humanitarian disaster.

Johnson said, “But what we can’t have is a governor, in the state of Texas, acting the way he is acting. And quite frankly, the rogue buses that are being dropped off across this country in the middle of the night leaving people with no real support at all, no coordination with the local municipalities. That type of chaos is certainlly dividing our country.”

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) on Gov. @GregAbbott_TX sending illegal immigrants to blue sanctuary cities: “We cannot have a governor who decides that he’s going to cling to the vestiges of Jefferson Davis”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 31, 2023

“What is very clear is not only are we providing mental health-related services as well as vaccinations and health screenings and providing medical healthcare for these families when they arrive the moment they get off those buses, we are not seeing that same treatment at the border.”

“In other words, there’s no health screenings, no vaccinations, that process at the border is absolutely raggedy and reckless.”

“But we cannot have a governor who decides that he’s going to cling to the vestiges of [Confederate President] Jefferson Davis, when we should be pulling to the hopes and aspirations that were left by [black abolitionist] Frederick Douglass.“

“We have to have a coordinated response to this humanitarian crisis. We cannot allow chaos to dictate and to divide this country.”



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Published December 31, 2023

Chicago Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson compared Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Confederate President Jefferson Davis Sunday, calling out the lack of “health screenings” and “vaccinations” at the southern border.

Johnson appeared on “Face The Nation” to discuss the ongoing southern border crisis that is now heavily affecting the sanctuary city due to the overwhelming amount of migrants crossing the border. CBS host Margaret Brennan questioned the mayor on the “state” that people are “showing up in,” highlighting a recent death of a five year old boy in a migrant shelter.

Johnson stated that while the city’s response to incoming migrants has been focused on “providing mental health related services” and other health services, he claimed that he was not “seeing that same treatment on the border.”

“Less than two weeks ago, a five year old boy died after falling ill at a migrant shelter in your city. What state are people showing up in? And what is the health risk here, if any?” Brennan questioned.

“Well, our condolences are still with the family and we continue to pray for the family who lost their child. I’m a father of three. This is just an unimaginable pain,” Johnson stated.

“But what is very clear is that not only are we providing mental health related services, as well as vaccinations and health screenings, and providing medical health care for these families when they arrive, the moment they get off those buses. We’re not seeing that same treatment on the border.”



RELATED: Dem Mayors Renew Pleas to Feds For Help With Migrants

Published December 27, 2023

he mayors of Chicago, New York City and Denver renewed pleas Wednesday for more federal help and coordination with Texas over the growing number of asylum-seekers arriving in their cities by bus and plane.

The mayors’ requests come as U.S. cities have struggled to manage the increasing number of migrants sent from Texas and other states. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s busing operation has transported more than 80,000 migrants to Democratic-led cities since last year. His administration recently stepped up the practice with chartered planes.

The mayors sharply criticized Abbott and the effort, saying buses arrive at all hours and outside designated drop-off zones with no details on who is aboard.

“We cannot allow buses with people needing our help to arrive without warning at any hour of day and night,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said at a virtual news conference with the other mayors. “This not only prevents us from providing assistance in an orderly way, it puts those who have already suffered in so much in danger.”

Chicago has cracked down on so-called “rogue” buses, with lawsuits, fines and tickets. In recent weeks, buses have tried to avoid penalties by making unscheduled drop-offs in the suburbs, forcing local officials and authorities to step in. Recently, one bus unloaded migrants overnight at a gas station in Kankakee, roughly 110 kilometers from Chicago.

“The lack of care that has been on display for the last year and a half has created an incredible amount of chaos,” said Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson. More than 26,000 migrants have arrived in the city since last year.





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