CHILLING Close-Up Video Shows Incapacitated Hillary Being DRAGGED Into Van

The video of Hillary Clinton’s lifeless body literally being dragged into her van has gone viral – and it’s chilling.

After claiming she suffered from heat exhaustion on a 78-degree morning, Hillary left a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early.

Standing and waiting for the van doors to open, she appeared shaky – out on her feet, really. And when the doors finally open, Clinton totally collapses. Three guards kept her from falling and managed to get her into the van … with her feet dragging behind her.

It took an hour and a half for the Clinton Campaign to even explain what happened.


This insident is reported all over now, but this story is picked up from The Federalist Papers.

But here’s a question, why don’t they throw in the towel and end her campaign? She obviously isn’t healthy. When will they end this, when she is dead, after she is dead, – how long after she is dead will they continue to try to milk her name?


100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??