China’s Coronavirus Scam | Coronavirus Spreads in Middle East

Image: HONG KONG CORONA VIRUS: Only TWO Deaths In 8 Million After Two Months

TRIGGERED: NY Times Columnist Gail Collins Calls Coronavirus ‘Trumpvirus’

Video by China Uncensored

China has a new scam when it comes to the coronavirus that’s putting us all at risk. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization refuses to classify the outbreak as a pandemic. And the Trump Administration considers new punishments for Chinese state-run media operating in the US. That and more on this week’s China News Headlines.


Coronavirus Epidemic Update 28: Practical Prevention Strategies, Patient Age vs. Case Fatality Rate

Video by MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

Coronavirus Update 28 with pulmonologist Dr. Seheult of Topics include what health care professionals and other citizens can do to prevent COVID-19 spread, coronavirus case fatality rate based on patient age, and further discussion on coronavirus test kits.


CDC Covid-19 – Possible US Case of Chinese Corona Virus from an Unknown Source

The COVID-19 Stock Market Crash: Déjà vu all over again!

China Uses Coronavirus Crackdown to Keep Food, Medicine from Uyghur Muslims

Protection is important ..

.. even for your pet!


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