Claim: Green Entrepreneur Elon Musk is a “Total Fraud”

Image: Elon Musk is a total fraud

By Eric Worrall

What does it take to break the faith of supporters of a green entrepreneur? The answer appears to be one bad tweet.

Elon Musk is a total fraud

By Maureen Callahan
July 21 2018/

One disastrous tweet has finally revealed Elon Musk for what he is: a fraud.

Enraged that a British cave diver called his idea to rescue the Thai soccer team for what it was — “a p.r. stunt [with] absolutely no chance of working” — Musk took to Twitter and called him a “pedo.”

Just like that, Tesla’s market value plummeted by $2 billion.

Musk has been in business since 2002. His stated goal is nothing short of transforming humanity through his products: his electric cars, space travel, and an underground high-speed Hyperloop system.

He has yet to succeed at anything but somehow spins every failure into proof of imminent success. His only accomplishment has been this decades-long Jedi mind trick.

Tesla is best known for blowing deadlines and consistently falling short on production.

In November 2017, Bloomberg reported that the company burns through $500,000 per hour. For two years now, Tesla has been suffering an epic talent drain and in May, two top execs — one the liaison with the National Transportation Safety Board — walked out the door.

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There is no doubt Elon Musk is very talented and clever, even his failures are impressive. But Musk’s twitter spree has been a PR disaster. Faith in Musk’s judgement was all that shielded him from criticism, and that faith has now slipped. In the wake of Musk’s twitter outbursts, there seems no escape from the perception that Musk’s corporate numbers just don’t seem to add up.



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