CNN got pounded all day for editing Clinton’s response to bombing – Jake Tapper just made it much worse

What do dishonest reporters and dishonest news outlets do when there’s no news to report, no news that might help their criminal candidate, crooked Hillary? If there’s no negative stories to report, manufacture a story!

.. and so they did. Here’s the problem, when stupid (in addition to dishonest) are “helping” the dishonest (in addition to being a criminal), they all end up with eggs on their faces ..

But it is fun to watch how stupid and criminal are sinking each other!

The story from BizPac Review

Talk about being tone deaf.

CNN has been heavily criticized over several incidents where the network selectively edited content, to include a glaring example just this weekend regarding a statement from Hillary Clinton in response to an explosion that rocked a Manhattan neighborhood Saturday, but that did not stop Jake Tapper from going to the well one more time.

The “State of the Union” host was interviewing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Sunday when he referenced “a contrast” between Clinton and rival Donald Trump in commenting on the explosion in New York, noting that Trump said it was a bomb within minutes, while Clinton waited until hours later before commenting.

Tapper then played a clip of Clinton saying, “I think it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this. I think it’s always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions.”

A preceding comment from the Democratic nominee calling the explosion a “bombing” was edited out… even as Trump was being called into question for using the term “bomb.”

And this came AFTER the earlier criticism.

“As a general note, do you think politicians should wait until more information comes in, and should they defer to local official and investigators?” Tapper asked Christie.

The Republican governor replied that Trump simply stated the obvious and that Clinton was making much ado over nothing — he did not comment on CNN’s selective editing.

“Well, listen, I don’t think you have to defer when saying there was an explosion and a bomb in New York. I mean, everybody knew that,” Christie said. “It was being reported in television, so there’s a difference.”

“Now, you shouldn’t attribute it to any particular organization or group if you don’t have the facts or information to do that,” he continued. “But I think that what Donald did was perfectly appropriate to tell that group in Colorado Springs a bomb exploded. This is typical of Mrs. Clinton. She has absolutely no basis to be critical of what he did yesterday.”

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