Hillary Clinton Claims Donald Trump Is ‘Giving Aid and Comfort’ To Terrorists

What do you think will happen when the advice you get in your ear from your 600 staffers with a combined IQ of half a grapestone end up something like this ..

After a weekend of terror in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota, the presidential candidates are speaking out.

Hillary Clinton held a brief press conference outside her plane and– believe it or not– blamed terrorist activity on Donald Trump’s rhetoric. She even said Trump’s language is “giving aid and comfort” to terrorists.

“I don’t want to speculate but here’s what we know and I think it’s important for voters to hear this and weigh it in making their choice in November… We know that a lot of the rhetoric used by Donald Trump is being seized on by terrorists… We also know from the former head of our counter-terrorism center, Matt Olson, that the kinds of rhetoric and language that Mr. Trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries.

Uh, how is threatening to “knock the hell out of ISIS” giving them aid and comfort? Hillary’s first instinct is to boost the nation’s refugee intake. How is THAT making us safe?

But Donald Trump. His super scary language is inviting terrorists to commit these attacks, according to Hillary. Someone who thinks that way wants to be POTUS. Can you even?

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