+ CNN Identifies The Fire Culprit

Image: WILDFIRE: Watch California Governor Newsom’s unscientific climate rant

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When I talk about the Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Activists and Criminals (mostly Criminals), the best example in that regard is the FRAUD, Michael hockey-stick Mann and his team of criminals pretending to do science while, at the same time publishing PAL-reviewed pseudoscience and nonsense in journals they control, ref.: Climategate.

R. J. L.

Former UN lead scientist Michael Mann: ‘Tucker Carlson is both a climate change denier and a racist f#ck’

Video: Tony Heller
The level of disinformation from politicians and the press about heat, fires and hurricanes has become epic.


The Climate issue exposed as FRAUD in one single picture:

Spokane Girl Arrested for Arson Posted Picture on Facebook “Feeling Cute, Might Burn All Your S**t Later”

Pelosi’s focus questioned after meeting with G7; signing declaration undermining US on Paris Accord


100% Data Tampering