Couple Claims They Were Kicked Off Plane, Assaulted, For Saying ‘Make America Great Again’

A couple who supports Donald Trump claims that they were kicked off of an airplane and assaulted for saying “let’s make America great again!”

On August 28th, Kenny Cool and his girlfriend Rebecca Lehmuth were trying to depart from Cancun to go home to St. Louis Airport on Frontier Airlines. As he made his way to his seat, Cool decided to joke around with other passengers by playfully quoting the Republican presidential candidate.

“I said ‘let’s make America great again’ as I was walking to my seat. Not yelling or anything like that, just talking… and people were smiling, laughing, and agreeing,” Cool told We Are Change.

He was then told that he needed to calm down by a flight attendendant, but Cool responded that he wouldn’t as he was not hurting anyone and was just excited. Apparently, the simple catch phrase made another passenger “feel unsafe” however, so Cool and his girlfriend were removed from the aircraft.

“This lady made up that I was disrupting everybody and I later found out that she said she felt unsafe with me on plane!! Laughable!!” Cool asserted.

He explained that the woman who escorted them from the plane told him, “we usually have to call the police when we escort people off but I don’t feel you are a threat so we won’t,” making the couple’s removal seem even more ridiculous.

Cool’s girlfriend filmed the encounter — which he believes agitated the airline’s employees, one of whom is seen grabbing at Lehmuth in the footage. The employee later refused to provide her name to Cool.

Read the whole story and watch video at: WRC – We Are Change  

This political correct BS has got to end!


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