PATHETIC: Minnesota Democrats Sue to Get Trump Off The State’s Ballot

How desperate can the dishonest Democrats get?

The Democrats of Minnesota are so desperate to keep people from voting for Trump that they’ve launched a lawsuit to get Trump removed from the state’s ballot.

CBS News reports:

Minnesota Dems sue to get Donald Trump off the ballot

Minnesota Democrats filed a lawsuit Thursday to try and get Donald Trump’s name removed from the state’s ballots, according to multiple reports. They argue that the state’s Republican Party failed to nominate 10 alternate electors for the state’s 10 electoral college votes at their state convention in May. State law says that electors and alternate electors must be nominated at an official state convention.

On Aug. 24, the state’s GOP called a special meeting — a state convention — to pick 10 people to fill the seats of 10 alternate electors, the report said.

Democrats accuse Republicans of missing the Aug. 29 deadline to comply with state law and hold a state convention to name the electors and that the secretary of state had no authority to put Trump and GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence on the ballot. Trump’s name was added to the state ballot at the last minute, and the Democrats now want a judge to direct the secretary of state to decertify Trump and Pence from appearing on the ballot.

President Obama won Minnesota in both 2008 and 2012.

This isn’t surprising, considering many people believe Minnesota Democrats used voter fraud to get Al Franken elected senator in 2010. When Democrats think they can’t win legitimately, they just cheat. The ends justify the means.

Source: American Lookout 


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