Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill Body Shames Trump: Calls For Daily Weigh-Ins

Again the dishonest, shallow and criminal Democrats rather talk about nonsense than crooked Hillary’s CRIMES!

The story:

True to form, Democrats do everything possible to take attention away from the real issues and work feverishly to gin up false political theater. So goes the ongoing Miss Universe fat shaming controversy. Never let it be said that Missouri Senator, Claire McCaskill, didn’t do her part to prop up the Democrat strategy, and of course, get 15 minutes in the spot light.

NewYorkTimesLive reported…

In the wake of the fallout from Hillary Clinton’s surprise attack on Donald Trump, in which she illuminated the nation to Trump’s body-shaming of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado 20 years ago, some Democratic U.S. senators are proposing a clever idea: daily public Trump weigh-ins.

The idea surfaced on Twitter when Claire McCaskill of Missouri posted a message on Twitter saying, “The D women Senators have talked & we’re concerned about Donald’s weight. Campaign stress? We think a public daily weigh-in is called for.”

Trumps comments were 20 years ago and were in support of his pageant winner.

But since when to facts matter to power-hungry Democrats?

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