Designer of the Infamous “Make America Great Again” Dress is a Pro-Trump Immigrant

Andre Soriano is the designer of the now infamous “Make America Great Again” dress that Joy Villa stunned crowds with at the 59th Grammys.

Soriano gave an exclusive interview with Gateway Pundit and stated he is a huge supporter of President Trump and immigrated from the Philippines.

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From Gateway Pundit

Andre Soriano immigrated from the Philippines to the United States when he was only 16 years old to pursue a better life and to pursue his dreams of working in the fashion industry. Andre now owns his own highly successful business named Andre Soriano based out of California.

Andre got his inspiration for the dress from the Women’s March in Washington D.C. when he heard what was his favorite singer, Madonna, talk about how she wanted to “blow up the White House.” Andre was furious by her statements and called Joy Villa and told her they were going to scrap their initial designs for the dress she was going to wear and were going to design a dress to “unite the country,” as Andre said.

The dress that Joy Villa wore was made from a Trump Flag. As a huge Trump supporter, Joy was naturally very excited about the dress.

Andre said “We only have one President and that is President Trump. It’s NOT Hillary.”

He went on to say in reference to making the Pro-Trump dress that “Just like Rosa Parks, we are going to stand up for our rights as Americans,” noting that “the dress was designed in love, it is all about love.”

Andre voted for President Trump because “I love America and I believe in America.” Even as an immigrant Andre made it very clear several times throughout our conversation that he is a huge supporter of building the wall. He says that people can come here to build a better life but they have to do it legally. Andre is also a huge supporter of the United States Constitution and believes that people that come here need to support it and not try to change it.


Joy Villa’s Album Sales Increase by 18,106,633% After Wearing #MAGA Dress

Within hours of wearing the #MAGA dress, Joy Villa’s album I Make the Static has skyrocketed.

Before the album was ranked #543,202 on Amazon and now it’s got the #3 spot!

Villa is now ranked higher than Lady Gaga and Beyonce!

From Gateway Pundit

A Star Is Born At The Grammys

Within a matter of hours of wearing the now famous Make America Great Again dress, Joy Villa’s album I Make the Static has skyrocketed in the sales ranking on Amazon. Previously the album was ranked #543,202 on Amazon and now it is currently ranked #3.

The top 3 albums under the ‘Movers & Shakers’ categories all belong to Joy Villa.

Her album I Make the Static is currently a better seller than both Lady Gaga and Beyonce.




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