Trump Is Suddenly Recognized As The President In CALIFORNIA As Liberal State BEGS For His Help

California Asks For Trump’s Help After Repeated Attacks

After repeatedly attacking and criticizing President Trump, the State of California is officially asking for his help as they have run short of resources in wake of severe weather that has caused significant damage in the state.

From Fox40:

Gov. Jerry Brown has asked President Trump to declare a major disaster for California because of damage from January storms.

The letter sent Friday says the relentless series of storms caused flooding, mudslides, evacuations, erosion, power outages and at least eight deaths. Northern California was hardest hit.

Brown says the storm system was so severe and widespread that state and local governments need federal assistance to continue dealing with the problems it created.

Governor Brown has made his disgust for President Trump known in the past as Breitbart reports that back in March of 2016 Governor Brown said “If Trump were ever elected, we’d have to build a wall around California to defend ourselves from the rest of this country,” which Brown later said was “a joke.”

In addition to snarky comments made from Brown, add in the hateful rhetoric of Maxine Waters who is calling from Trump’s impeachment because in her words, “This is the most outrageous and ridiculous President that this country has ever had.” That statement pretty much embodies how most of the politicians in California feel about President Trump.

Also consider Calexit. There is a growing movement in California to leave the rest of the United States since the state has become so liberal that it doesn’t come even close to where most states are at politically.

Then throw in the ruling of the Ninth Circuit Court (located in CA) this last week which blocked Trump’s Travel Ban and put the country at risk and now President Trump has a decision to make.

President Trump will almost certainly provide aide if it is needed in the state as it is the right thing to do but Californians should be careful about viciously attacking the President and then turning around and asking for a handout.




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