Don’t be silly, there’s no climate summit in Glasgow this year, or any other year, it’s a subsidy/CO2-tax summit, i.e. It’s Hockey Stick Season Again

Image: Climate Change in 15 Minutes

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The first IPCC ‘climate bible’ reports showed that past climates in the Holocene had varied from warmer than today, to much colder than today, in a rather cyclical pattern. However, in one of the subsequent IPCC reports, a ‘hockey stick’ graph had been prominently displayed, which had a flat ‘stick’ that wiped out past cyclical variations, and a sharp uptick suggesting that human influence on climate was extreme and temperatures much higher than before. That hockey stick graph was hotly disputed.

In the latest IPCC AR6 report – but only in the 42 page “Summary for Policy Makers”, there is a new ‘son of hockey stick’ graph, which presents a similar imagery. Steve McIntrye from Climate Audit found both hockey sticks suspicious as they reminded him of questionable mining promotion graphs he had seen – and indeed, in the business world, famous hockey stick graphs include those of Enron and Groupon, to name a couple.

We offer a brief overview of the make-up of the new ‘son of hockey stick’ – please see Steve McIntyre’s detailed analysis.… and…


Fascinating how much warming NASA keep finding when ever there’s a criminal Democrat installed in the White House .. but in the real world:

Fascinating how much power government agencies keep finding when ever there’s a criminal Democrat installed in the White House:

Fascinating how “alarmed” criminal Democrats are when there’s something they risk not getting:

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