“Dozens Of Credible Atmospheric Scientists”

Image: UN: Planet To Be Destroyed In 10 Months (another low IQ., dishonest scare story, the kind that has been failing numerous times, correction: 100% of the time over the last 50 years)

Related: Scientists issue odd warning: Global warming to cause cooling in Europe

Global warming to cause cooling in Europe because of Atlantic Ocean current that powers the Gulf Stream is weaker than it has been in a thousand years.

What is powering the ocean currents is the earth’s rotation, not CO2 from humans!

Energy (heat) from the sun keeps the water flowing, preventing it from freezing. The rotation of the earth determine the length of the day and night, – anybody noticed the day or night has gotten any longer?

Everything is connected, if the ocean currents was to slow down, the earth’s rotation had to be slowing down first. According to climate “experts” the oceans is heating up, I guess it is safe to say that would also include the ocean currents, that is, if that is still part of the ocean. Logically, if the earth was warming up, including the ocean currents, the Golf Stream would make Europe warmer, the fact that it’s not only goes to, yet again, document how ignorant and dishonest all these climate “experts” really are.

R. J. L.

More evidence of how dishonest and ignorant the climate “experts” are below ..

Video: Tony Heller

Ten years ago, “dozens of credible climate scientists” announced the permanent drought in Texas. Since then, Texas has had their wettest years on record.


Texas Blackouts Reveal Cascading Failure Of Responsibility

More “Climate Change Killing Plants” Twaddle

Claim: Gender assumptions harm progress on climate adaption and resilience

Truth & lies: Do we believe media, or our own eyes?

In case you were in doubt, many socialists are a special kind of stupid!!:

United Nations Demands an End to Silicon Solar Panels and Wind Turbines


.. and finally, Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!



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