Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared For A New Gold Standard

Published November 20, 2023

In a recent interview the Dutch central bank (DNB) shares it has equalized its gold reserves, relative to GDP, to other countries in the eurozone and outside of Europe. This has been a political decision. If there is a financial crisis the gold price will skyrocket, and official gold reserves can be used to underpin a new gold standard, according to DNB. These statements confirm what I have been writing for the past years about central banks having prepared for a new international gold standard.

Wouldn’t a central bank that has one primary objective—maintaining price stability—serve its mandate best by communicating the currency it issues can be relied upon in all circumstances? By saying gold will be the safe haven of choice during a financial collapse, DNB confesses its own currency (the euro) does not weather all storms. Indirectly, DNB encourages people to own gold to be protected from financial shocks, making the transition towards a gold based monetary system more likely.


SOURCE: www.zerohedge.com

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A new gold standard even with a waning dollar looks unlikely

Even with all the favourable factors going its way, gold failed to break through to new levels on the upside. That does undercut its prospects. Image Credit: Shutterstock
Published August 12, 2023

The BRICS countries are considering launching a new trading currency backed by gold.

Separately, World Gold Council data from earlier this year showed demand for gold from central banks worldwide in 2022 was the highest on record since the middle of the last century.

Are we on the cusp of a more significant shift to gold – even a ‘new gold standard’?

De-dollarisation driver

One key driver behind the recent positive narrative on gold has been the renewed ‘de-dollarisation’ debate. It is argued that the US dollar’s dominance in global trade and finance is likely to wane as more alternatives start to become available. The proposed BRICS currency could, for instance, chip away at the dollar’s dominance in world trade.

We remain sceptical about the prospects for significant ‘de-dollarisation’ over the next few years, given limited alternatives. For one, the relatively limited supply of gold means that a fully gold-backed currency is unlikely to achieve a similar level of scale as the greenback.


SOURCE: www.gulfnews.com

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Published June 5, 2023

It’s no secret that central banks around the world are buying up gold.

In the first three months of the year, central banks bought a combined 228 tonnes, the most ever seen in a first quarter, World Gold Council data revealed.

This follows up on what was already a record year in 2022, during which 1,136 tonnes of gold worth some $70 billion were added to the banks’ reserves. Compared to the 450 tonnes bought during 2021, that represents a whopping 152% year-on-year increase!

The pace and consistency at which central banks are now accumulating gold, as far as we can tell, is unprecedented, given they’ve mostly been sellers throughout history. But the recent transactional trend, in particular over the past 30 years, illustrates a dramatic shift in the official attitude towards gold.

Back in the early 1990s and 2000s, central banks were continuously selling off gold as strong economic growth during that time rendered bullion less attractive than currencies in many places. Some, such as those in Western Europe, were even selling hundreds of tonnes a year!


SOURCE: www.mining.com


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