Israel’s Defence Forces gear up for operation into South Gaza

Published November 20, 2023

Israel‘s Defence Forces (IDF) are gearing up for their operation into South Gaza as hundreds of Palestinians accused Tel-Aviv troops of forcing wounded civilians to leave Al-Shifa hospital while conducting a search for Hamas assets.

Israel prepares to expand its offensive against Hamas to southern Gaza today after warning civilians to relocate after already dropping warning leaflets earlier this week.

The country vowed to destroy Hamas after the terror group’s October 7 attacks in which its fighters killed 1,200 people and took 240 hostages.

As the IDF looked to move southward, Palestinian officials accused the Israeli army of forcibly evacuating most staff, patients and displaced people from Gaza’s largest hospital Al-Shifa and abandoning them to perilous journeys southwards on foot.

Hamas-run authorities in Gaza have raised their death toll to 12,300, including 5,000 children, this weekend following further Israeli attacks.



RELATED: Israeli troops ‘warned about Hamas attacks: Female soldiers reported suspicious activity on the border with Gaza in weeks leading up to October 7 attack – but were threatened with court martial’

Published November 19, 2023

Worried soldiers who raised concerns about suspicious activity in the days leading to Hamas terror raids on Israel were threatened with court martial, it has emerged.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet have faced stiff criticism from Israelis who have accused them of being caught out by the raids which left more than 1,200 dead.

A further 239 people were taken hostage and although a handful have been released there are dozens of worried families still waiting for news on loved ones.

Now Israel’s leading Channel 12 news programme has broadcast claims from female soldiers they were threatened with court martial for raising concerns before the October 7 attack.

One said: ‘We were told that if we continue to harass on this issue, you will stand trial.’



RELATED: Spy balloons that could have warned Israel’s military of Hamas’ ruthless October 7 attacks were ‘inoperable’ and had not been maintained, security sources claim

Published November 18, 2023

Spy balloons which could have warned of the catastrophic Hamas attack on October 7 were out of action because they had not been upgraded or properly maintained, it was claimed last night.

Israeli security and industry sources have told the Mail on Sunday that three of the seven technology-laden ‘aerostats’ on the Gaza border were inoperable, leaving a dangerous hole in Israel‘s intelligence defences.

Around 1200 civilians were murdered when Hamas broke through the border fence on October 7 and embarked on a campaign of mass murder, taking around 240 hostages in the process.

Some victims were burned alive in an atrocity that caused international revulsion.

The white, helium-filled Skystar balloons, which had once been a key part of Israel’s security operation over Gaza, are equipped with a payload of cameras, sensors and spyware.




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