Energy Crisis: State Prime Minister Declares Green Energy Transition has ‘Failed’

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By Peter Caddle – Breitbart

Germany’s green energy transition from carbon fuels and nuclear energy to renewables has “failed”, a state Prime Minister has declared.

Germany’s green energy transition efforts to see the country move from using fossil fuels and nuclear energy and toward green renewables have “failed”, the Prime Minister of German Federal state Saxony has declared, before demanding the country’s government to rethink its abandonment of nuclear to avert disaster.

Having gotten itself addicted to Russian gas exports, Germany had for a long time held on to the belief that pushing its climate crazy green agenda harder would solve its energy problems, and that the country would be able to shut down all of its nuclear power stations without issue.

According to a report by Handelsblatt, however, as the country faces the possibility of gas shortages and blackouts over the winter months, Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has labelled the government’s green transition a failure, and is now demanding that the country’s remaining nuclear power stations stay online.

“The energy transition with gas as the base load has failed,” he reportedly said, with the publication noting that — even before the current gas crisis — green energy struggled to supply sufficient power in the country last winter.

“As long as the federal government has not developed a new concept for the energy transition, the nuclear power plants must continue to run,” he went on to say.

In the context of the current plan to see Germany’s remaining nuclear plants shut down by January 2023, Kretschmer described the government’s decision to turn back on a coal power station as “madness”

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