Exclusive — Trump Lawyer Alina Habba on NY Ruling: I Will Respond in Appeal and ‘You Can Read It and Weep’

Published February 21, 2024

Trump lawyer Alina Habba told Breitbart News Daily that she is going to “thoughtfully” and “methodically” respond to the ruling in New York’s fraud case against former President Donald Trump, stating that it is “going to be on the appeal” and “you can read it and weep.”

Habba spoke about the trial and the aftermath of a New York judge — Judge Arthur Engoron — ordering Trump to pay $355 million over allegations of fraud. The judge also banned Trump from conducting business in the Empire State for three years.

“Let’s just go to common sense, because the order that you’re reading is not common sense. It’s absolutely absurd …  and for me to try to explain to you how Judge Engoron got to his ridiculous number would mean I have to go speak about politics and the problem with the dual justice system and election interference right now. But the numbers are what they are. What bank, whatever, just write a check. So that’s how they feel they had a right to come in under a consumer fraud statute that’s never been used in this way and butt their nose into two private, sophisticated individuals in a contract that has never been breached. No loan defaults, no loss of money, no victims, no damages,” she said, adding that banks had nothing to do with the lawsuit and actually testified that they loved working with the Trump Organization.


SOURCE: www.breitbart.com

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Published February 21, 2024

For more than a century, the Trump family has developed real estate in New York.

But the far-reaching ruling in former President Trump’s civil fraud case, if upheld, could leave the namesake family business without a Trump at its helm for the first time.

Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Friday that Trump and top executives would for three years be banned from serving as a director or officer of any New York firm. His adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, were exiled for two years. And the powers endowed to an independent monitor overseeing the Trump Organization’s business were expanded.

The decision followed a months-long trial after which the judge determined Trump and top executives conspired to alter his net worth to receive tax and insurance benefits.

With Trump’s top deputies cast out, barring a successful legal appeal, the Trump Organization could be “hamstrung” by the decision, said Will Thomas, a business law professor at the University of Michigan.

“It’s just unclear — who’s there to run this thing?” Thomas said.


SOURCE: www.thehill.com


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