Extreme Melt In Greenland

Image: BREAKING MAD: Hill Op-Ed Cites 9/11 Attacks to Insist NATO Invoke Art. 5 on Climate Change

The misleading and dishonest background: Greenland Lost Enough Ice in a Single Day to Cover Florida

Video: Tony Heller
Experts have determined from a single warm day in Greenland that we are all going to drown.


For summer, the temperature on and around Greenland seem rather low ..

Infrastructure Bill Contains Pilot Mileage Tax – Goal Is Make It Too Expensive To Drive

I think they are mixing the climate with the environment on purpose. If they specifically ask about people’s willingness to pay taxes to control the sun, as we know, the sun is the big light in the sky – during the day! – which in fact controls the climate, people would probably think they are crazy. Saying that CO2 is controlling the sun (which still is controlling the climate) which de facto is what they are saying, is still FAKE!

We can all take simple steps to help protect the environment. Here’s how.

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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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