Fearful and grieving, Gen Z Americans clash over Israel conflict

The protest had been organized by the National Jewish Assembly, a nonprofit organization that supports Israel and opposes antisemitism. Many protesters were seen carrying Israeli flags, with at least one protester holding a sign that read, “BBC if the king can call Hamas terrorists so can you.”



SOURCE: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/israel-supporters-protest-bbc-refusal-hamas-terrorists

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Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel protests have come head to head on some campuses, raising concerns over student safety.

Students at Columbia University rally on October 12 in support of Palestinians facing Israeli bombardment in Gaza [Jeenah Moon/Reuters]
Published October 17, 2023

It was an unprecedented scene. Columbia University, located in the heart of Manhattan, took the extraordinary move of closing its doors to the public last week as dueling protests erupted simultaneously on its lawn.

Hundreds of protesters, representing pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli student groups, clashed in front of the stately colonnade of Butler Library on October 12. Three helicopters hovered overhead, and rows of New York Police Department officers stood ready to intervene if tensions boiled over into violence.

But Columbia was hardly the only school in the United States to convulse with demonstrations during the past week.

Since the Palestinian group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel — and Israel responded with a declaration of war — tensions in the Middle East have been reflected on college and university campuses, traditional hotbeds for activism in the US.

Student-led rallies have exploded from coast to coast. In the west, the University of California at Berkeley issued a statement decrying the “growing prevalence of online threats, doxxing and harassment”. And in the east, emotions were so high at a University of Florida prayer vigil that when a participant reportedly fainted, the crowd screamed and panicked, injuring five in a stampede.

But when it comes to student safety, some protest participants say universities are falling short.


SOURCE: https://www.reuters.com/world/fearful-grieving-gen-z-americans-clash-over-israel-conflict-2023-10-18/


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