Fed Up: Palestinian Civilians in Gaza Call for the ‘Overthrow’ of Hamas

Published January 28, 2024

In a development that likely won’t get the attention of the activist media, a large group of Palestinians in Gaza have vocally condemned Hamas as the war in Gaza continues.


On Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a video showing a crowd of Palestinians evacuating from Khan Yunis, which is located in southern Gaza. While they were marching, they were filmed chanting “The people want to overthrow Hamas.”

Major General Ghasan Aliyan, coordinator of government activities in the region, noted that “we see more and more evidence of public criticism voiced by the residents of Gaza against the terrorist organization Hamas.”

He also noted that Gaza residents “rightly prefer their well-being and the safety of their children over the continued military strengthening of Hamas and the terrorist activities that harm them and their future.”

As Aliyan said, this is not the only example showing that Palestinians are fed up with Hamas.


SOURCE: www.redstate.com

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A number of Gazan civilians in Khan Yunis have told IDF soldiers that Hamas was preventing them from leaving combat areas, using threats and violence.

Published January 27, 2024

The IDF has established a humanitarian corridor in recent days for Palestinian residents of western Khan Yunis to move from combat areas to the town of Al-Mawasi in southwestern Gaza, IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichay Adraee announced on Saturday.

Adraee said that Gazan residents would be safe in Al-Mawasi and that the corridor has been opened to evacuate civilians every day so that the IDF can focus on fighting the Hamas terrorist organization and deepening its incursion into Khan Yunis without the risk of civilians being injured in the process.

Tens of thousands of Gazans have already passed through this corridor safely, according to the spokesperson.



Adraee also quoted a number of Gazan civilians passing through the corridor, who informed IDF soldiers that Hamas was preventing them from leaving combat areas, using threats and violence. Additionally, IDF soldiers were also assisting civilians at the scene, including the elderly and sick.

The humanitarian corridor remains open until 4 p.m. for residents to cross over to Al-Mawasi.


SOURCE: www.jpost.com

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The video shows Gazan residents chanting “Down with Hamas” along the IDF established humanitarian corridor

Published January 27, 2024

Footage released by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) sheds light on a growing sentiment among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip calling for an end to the rule of the Hamas terror group.

The video, captured at a humanitarian corridor established by the Israeli army in the Khan Younis area, shows hundreds of Palestinians chanting slogans such as “Down with Hamas,” according to COGAT.

The corridor, designed to facilitate the movement of Palestinians out of the active combat zone in Khan Younis to the al-Mawasi area along the Strip’s coast, has become a focal point for expressing dissent against the Hamas regime.

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The video, filmed recently, provides a glimpse into the growing public criticism within Gaza against the ruling Hamas organization.

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Major General Ghassan Alian, head of COGAT, highlighted the increasing evidence of public dissatisfaction among Gaza residents towards the Hamas terror group.


SOURCE: www.i24news.tv



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