Feds Catch Obama Bribing Hit Man To Do Sick Act To Trump, He’ll Have To Resign After It

From National Insider Politics 

“President Barack Obama has been working hard behind the scenes to rig the election in favor of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Even the two absolutely hate each other, as a result of Obama crushing Hillary in the 2008 in an amazing upset, Obama knows that without Hillary in the White House all of his “signature accomplishments”, like the rapidly failing Obamacare, will get voided.

Obama reached a new low recently, though, when he bribed supposedly neutral New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to perform a hit job on Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Hillary and her campaign know that Trump is a great businessman, so they had to go to such great lengths to smear Trump as being corrupt. Well, it sure backfired when the bribe was revealed.

Explained Donald Trump about what happened:

‘The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse. The following day he sues me. What they don’t say is, I believe, fifteen thousand or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.’

This is so disgusting and totally illegal.

Continued Trump:

‘All of a sudden, the attorney general — his name is Eric Schneiderman, not respected in New York, doing a terrible job, probably is not electable in New York, but who knows — and he meets with Obama, gets a campaign contribution, I think, I think its fifteen thousand dollars, and all of a sudden, he meets with Obama in, I believe Syracuse, and the following day or two he brings a lawsuit against me.’

What do you think? Will Obama be able to con his way out of this crime, too?”



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