Obama’s DHS Plotting Election Takeover, But Huge Obstacle Stands In Their Way

“As we reported last week, the Department of Homeland Security seeks to take over the election process so as to allegedly protect its “critical infrastructure” from potential cyber attacks. There’s just one problem with this, though.

DHS itself has a history of being victimized by cyber attacks. Earlier this year, for instance, hackers reportedly penetrated the department’s servers and obtained access to confidential information on nearly 30,000 FBI and DHS workers.

That information was later leaked to the public.

Let us also not forget that DHS is a subset of the same administration that had an epic fail with its launch of the Obamacare website.

Moreover, the administration prioritizes political correctness over national security, and this too could present a problem, according to former DHS employee and whistleblower Philip Haney.

“They certainly don’t have an exemplary record in safeguarding our borders,” he said to WND. “What gives us confidence they will safeguard our electoral process?”

I suppose their word, which we all know means absolutely nothing.

Haney also maintained that any potential changes to the election process (or its management) should be orchestrated by Congress, not the Obama administration.

“If there was to be a change, it should be Congress making it, not a unilateral decision by an agency like the Department of Homeland Security,” he argued.

I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I believe the election process should be left alone — except of course for one teeny thing: Voter IDs!

Instead of usurping control over our elections, the Obama administration should redirect its efforts toward supporting voter ID laws, versus using their judicial power to undo them.

But see, the reality is that the Obama administration cares very little about election security. What it actually cares about is power and control — ergo why it now wants to take over the election process…” Read more .. 

The only way Hillary can win is by cheating and voter fraud. That won’t be hard when Soros and Obama are eager to help


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